Choose your Bliss

Because I am also a student of yoga, there will times when I will be attending yoga weekend workshops. I will give ample notice of any changes to the schedule or cancellation of classes.

My path in life shifted after experiencing a career altering shoulder injury. I have rediscovered my bliss through both the movement and stillness offered by yoga. Rediscovering inner strength and confidence. Using breathing techniques during times of stress, to help calm. Taking all of this off the mat to not only survive in this beautiful, loud, and busy world, but to thrive in, and enjoy it!!

I live in Gretna and want to bring yoga to our community to help others discover their bliss.

My classes flow at a slower pace, to ensure alignment and safety. I increase intensity through longer holds rather than speed. Slow flow can still heat up!! Modifications for injuries or other needs are always available!

I offer a calm, nurturing, non-intimidating environment for all to feel safe and welcome!

Carol Cuka
RYT 200, CCYT 95*, CPYT 85**
Safe environment trained
*Certified Children's Yoga Teacher
**Certified Prenatal Yoga Teacher

Discover yoga.
Rediscover Bliss.